Unlimited backend development starting at $1299/mo.

Not just a backend developer. But a world class team.

Get started now and see massive value.

Just three steps. Nothing big. Just. 3. Steps.

You come up with the idea. We execute. You go sell.
Make money.

1. Sign up

As soon as you sign up, one of our Project Managers will get on call with you to understand the requirement. You will be shared a live document where we gather all the requirements as you tell it out. We get a sign-off from you.

2. We build your idea

One the requirements are frozen, we start executing the plan. From the scratch and best in class code quality. The product will be highly scalable, so you don't have to worry about the future. You get regular updates on the progress.

3. We deliver

We are known for on-time delivery. Your project that has the promised deliverable will be handed over to you in the specified timeline. From then on, you just gotta go make some money for yourself. And we will support you. :)

No limit on complexity. You pay as you go. It is that simple.

Unlimited Revisions

We understand that your idea might be at the early stage. So there is no limit on the revisions.

  • No limits on revisions
  • Best in-class dev team
  • You get an entire team

100% transparency

One of our managers will be working with you to give you regular updates.

  • Weekly status updates
  • Transparent development process
  • Open Communication via IM

You own everything

Whatever we build during this period for you, is yours. No complex contract that would hold you back when you scale up.

  • You own everything
  • You receive files, libraries and everything
  • No complex contract to hold you back



The faster you build your product, the faster you make money. That is why our clients come to us. We would love to help you realize your dream.

7-day money back guarantee.

What you can build
What is counted as 1 license?One license is the task you purchase the license for us to do. You are buying the bandwidth of the team, that includes backend developer, UI person, testing engineer, and project manager. You can buy additonal licenses to speed up the development for large-scale projects.
Why should I work with BuildMojo?We are a part of our parent company, Skcript. We have collectively delivered over 200 projects in a span of 5 years, with unmatched quality. We hope to do the same for you now, with an unbelievable cost.
Are there any contract boundaries?No. There are no boundaries or contracts.
What is the turn around time?Most of our initial project requirements gathering happen within 24 to 48 hours. By 48 hours, you will have a detailed product requirements with the timeline of the project.
What does the $1299 cover?The $1299 covers one-month of our consulting hour for one project. Here is the scope we cover: Ruby on Rails code with MySQL as the backend, APIs for you to build a UI around it, scalable code.
Does it cover User Interface as well?We cover basic UI. We are not saying that is the best UI, but yes, very minimal UI that gets the point across.
Can I see some of your work?Sure. Please request the program manager who will be in touch with you after you sign up. Or write to support@skcript.com.
How do you evaluate the timeline for the project?We will be extremely transparent about the actual timeline for the project. If a project is requiring more than three months, you will be billed accordingly.
Why do I need subscription?You will have a fixed cost that you will be able to predict. No fluff or additional cost. Just $1299 per month. It is that simple.
What if I need something very urgent?We can prioritize the project of course, at an additonal cost.